morning moon

a bubble in the sky

about to fade

the cosmos

        in the vase

still in bud

autumn bee

    seeking honey

in her hair

rice stubble

     shooting sprouts

in a chilly rain

digging out

sweet potatoes, digging

the taste already 

half moon

—a hare

in a dim light

autumn sunset—

the black kite turns

me into a dot

spider's thread —

wind chime of dry leaves

without a chime

ginkgo leaves


        the moon

waxing crescent

      standing still with

an empty swing

autumn afternoon—

embracing the passing heat

in our life

among red leaves

     a spider flying around

the sun and stars

no leaves left

only a red dragonfly

on the twig

perilla flowers—

tiny bells playing 

the scent

maple leaves

    chasing mackerels

in the sky

the setting sun

       casts a crescent 

on a persimmon

longer sleep

   with longer sleeves

       —autumn equinox


swimming in a pool

on a fallen leaf

autumn gust—

the golden sound of

a rice field

the couple flutters

    with falling leaves

       —white butterflies

autumn sunlight

even crows dye


trees on the ridge

dancing in an autumn storm

—dragon's mane

a hornet

dying in rotten kaki

autumn deepens

the scent

of the distant shore

—autumn typhoon

red spider lilies

       wavering between

night and day

on the clear river,

with a twig, she fishes

golden leaves

lambent autumn

      sunlight separates me

and the trout

fan yourself to cope

with the lingering heat

—loquat leaves

no harvest moon—

thinking of a new earth

seen from there

the moon

       l e a v e s

the scent of kaki

the acorn

       from last autumn

sprouts memories

after the storm—

the window weaves a rug

of autumn sunlight

on a starless night

    a firefly larva glows

        among autumn dew

a cricket stranded

somewhere inside the house

sings in solitude

before the storm,

a moth rests on a half moon

one last time

the autumn nears

as I count the kaki fruit

fallen unripe

September morning—

asking myself, hot or iced?

A cup of autumn

autumn rain

accompanies my dream

with the silent lightning

a roadside sawgrass

turns every headlight into

the harvest moon

the sweet fish

    drifting down the flow

of life

a red leaf

         on the shining stream

chills my bare feet

the bright sky fades

into autumn dusk, taking

summer memories

late summer snow

on the top of the cedar

—a white egret

bathing in a sun

somewhere in this universe,

another life sparks

the ears of rice bow

seeing the red dragonflies


writing haiku

     makes me a hoarder

of memories

a late summer day—

drops fall off the cloudy sky

and my brow

a black swallowtail

by the puddle on the road

resting—or dying


            the nebulae of dust

off my window

the last drop

of a sparkler firework

fades with summer

the two of us

sharing a single blanket

feel autumn coming

the children's feet

popping out of the sky

surprise the carp

the shadow play

      of leaves swaying

            in a morning doze

the river crabs run,

catching the sunny laughter

of the children

the lighthouse extends,

erasing the deep blue of

the sea and the sky

facing the sea breeze

she draws the horizon with

the binoculars

a sparrow

adds another note

to a sunrise

ray of sunlight on

a leaf of the camellia;

crescent in the shade

on the sun-drenched shore;

cold sound of pebbles crushing

petals of sea shells

on a mountain pass,

a tiger beetle leads me

through the future path

the river smiles back

in the midsummer sunlight

like a clear mirror

its tail sparkling

like the azure summer sky;

a skink in the shade

a curtain of mist

rises up with the remains

of trees exhaling

the murmur of leaves

and the songs of bell crickets

fade into the rain

on a taro leaf

playing transient marbles,

drops dance in the rain

swaying as it burns,

the white dragon rises up

from the charcoal kiln

in the honey mist

with the morning’s melody,

a black kite circles

a stroke of blue paint

on a light grayish canvas

—it will clear up soon

in the evening breeze

leaves rustle, and twigs crackle

—bamboo's summer song

sparks of blazing fire

scattered around the dark woods

—tiger lilies

a sultry night

a gecko on the window

relishing the light

dazzling shadow

dashed over the bush

—fishhawk in the breeze

on a rock

in the murmuring stream,

alone it sprouts

fallen leaves 

hug each other

meeting old friends

firefly glows dimly

wafting across the river

of the starry sky

waving her hands,

a black swallowtail sends

my daughter off

covered by the heat,

green chestnuts peep

longing for autumn

sunlight flickering,

brushed with shades of oak leaves;

—ethereal watercolor

like a pearl

on a leaf in a drizzle,

a snail muses

floating on the ocean

a blanket of tranquil waves

thunderhead as my pillow

the thick earthy scent

brings a summer shower

making me sit back

an egret glides

through the dawning haze

in my head

drops on pebbles

fading away with memories 

of a summer day

leaves in canopy

murmur goodbye to neighbors

as the cedar falls

trampled on and on

dandelion still flourishes

—one day, so will we

a cicada's shell

in the shade of kaki leaves

remains of childhood

the ume leaves fall,

drifting in the wind like

unaddressed letters

cold stream at my feet,

breath of air over my face

like a warm towel

braiding straws makes me

a straw of the vast string

of generations